To be clear, there have only been two versions of programmable pedals, which we will call "v1 Stereo" and "Expanse." The v2 Stereo pedals were simply rebranded as Expanse; they are, in fact, the same pedals. 

To quickly tell the difference: the v1 Stereo pedals have the green "nt" logo on them, while Expanse pedals have the "neunaber" logo.

v1v2 / Expanse
Compatible with Expanse Software?yesyes
Programmable as any effect?yes, except Tremolo, Flanger and Phaseryes
Mix goes 100% wet?noyes
Works with ExP Controller?
Has expression pedal inputs?top two knobs onlyonly with ExP Controller
Bypassingbuffered onlyselectable true or buffered bypass