This is a two step process:

  1. Program the default effect using Expanse Software.
    1. If you have not done so already, download and install Expanse Software and connect your pedal via a USB cable.
    2. Make sure the menu item "Virtual Trim Pots" -> "Hide and Use Defaults" is selected.
    3. Under the menu "Program", make sure none of the items are selected.
    4. Select the effect category corresponding to your pedal. For non-specific effect pedals (Web, Slate, etc.), select Reverb.
    5. Select the first effect in the list and click Update Effect.
  2. Configure the default Mix Knob and Switch behavior on the pedal itself.
    1. Refer to the User Guide for configuring these behaviors.
    2. The defaults for each effect type are listed under the heading "Recommended & Default Functions per Effect type"
    3. If you are using the ExP Controller, configure these settings for each of the 4 effect slots.