If your amp is making a rattling or buzzing noise when played, or if you hear a vibration/buzz when specific notes are being played on your guitar, there is a good chance that there is something external causing the noise to occur when you play.

Thoroughly check your amp to see what could be causing it. Take the following steps:

1) CHECK THE RETENTION PLATE: If you're playing one of our amps through a BlockDock cabinet and you're securing the head in the back with the retention plate, ensure that the head is in the dock completely and make sure the screws are in all the way.

2) CHECK THE LEGS: If your amp has built-in legs, or if you installed our Tiltback Leg kit on your amp, ensure that the legs are screwed in completely and tightened.

3) CHECK THE GRILL: While not common, always check to see if the grill may be the one causing the rattle. If so, you can remedy it by placing some foam in between the grill and the amp.

4) CHECK THE BADGES: Also check all badges (Quilter logo, artist series badges, etc.) on the grill to see if any might be loose. If so, make sure they are screwed in completely and tightened.

PLEASE make sure that you've thoroughly done all troubleshooting before contacting us or any of our authorized service centers if you suspect there is an issue with your amp. We cannot stress enough how many times customers have sent amps in for repair only for there to be no problem at all.